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Body Facials

Body facials are ideal for your whole body from the back, chest, glutes, legs and intimate areas to target clogged pores, acne, sun damage, dehydrated skin and ingrown hairs. This detoxifying and rejuvenating treatment improves the health of your skin through deep cleansing and purifying products.

Body Facial

Body treatments are an excellent choice for treating the entire body. A smoothing Body Peel is formulated with potent yet skin friendly ingredients; TCA, Mandelic, Lactic and Salicylic acids join to affect dramatic results in the skin’s appearance and texture. This treatment evens out discoloration, control acne breakouts while smoothing and brightening the skin.

Back acne is a common occurrence. Another common problem not often talked about is acne on the buttocks. It is one of the areas we tend to ignore or have trouble reaching.

We treat acne and ingrown hairs using a combination of steam and products specifically formulated for your bum! Our Signature Body Facial is performed on areas of the body that is often neglected and in need of special attention. Need even more? Not a problem!

A Facial for your intimate area? Yup, it’s a thing, and a very popular one at that. Treat acne, ingrown hairs, and discoloration using a combination of steam and products specifically formulated for that special area making it silky smooth and reducing body odor!

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